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Cancer Certification

Cancer Certification

Holistic Cancer Coach Certification Program


Take this training at your convenience! No time limit!


Who should consider this program?

  • Doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, nutritionists, physical therapists, support group leaders, and other health professionals that currently offer or wish to offer integrative, holistic, complementary or alternative resources, counseling, and therapies for people and families dealing with cancer-related concerns
  • This training is also open to laypersons with a background in health, nutrition, ministry, life coaching or caregiving.
  • Please note that we also offer a Support Center Certification Program

Program benefits

  • Expand your client base
  • Enhance the quality of your service
  • Receive training from an experienced, knowledgeable, dynamic educator
  • Learn practical information that can directly impact the health of your clients
  • Improve your revenue stream
  • Be eligible for 9.5 self-reported CEU’s
  • Get listed on the BeatCancer website as a referral resource

You will learn

  • The shortcomings of traditional cancer support services
  • Key elements to make your cancer support program stand out
  • The advantages of a patient-driven over a protocol-driven program
  • How to do a holistic intake and make a holistic needs assessment
  • The difference between a tumor-oriented and a host-oriented approach
  • Criteria for evaluating alternative cancer therapies
  • Rationales for implementing CAM cancer treatments
  • How to design an individualized holistic game plan
  • Fascinating patient case stories
  • Nutritional resources for minimizing treatment side effects
  • How to help your patients prevent recurrence
  • The advantages of nutrition in a cancer treatment program
  • Foods to include and foods to avoid and why
  • How to guide patients in making dietary changes
  • The crucial importance of detoxification
  • Key detoxification methods
  • Natural ways to deal with pain
  • Essential educational resources

Program features

  • 10 hours of formal training
  • Downloadable materials
  • Special group teleseminar opportunities
  • Signed certificate
  • Permission to use our certification program logo on your marketing materials and website
  • Listing as an approved counselor on the website
  • Client referrals when appropriate


  • At the end of your training, you will receive a current dated and signed certificate which should be displayed prominently in your office.
  • Certification will expire one year from date of issue unless renewed.
  • expects that you will adhere to the highest ethical standards of conduct and reserves the right to withdraw permission to display and market our certification if you misrepresent, its philosophy or its values.
  • Certification entitles you to provide our educational information but does not certify in any way your therapeutic skills

Program fees

  • Initial one-year certification: $500
  • Renewal certification: $100/year 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How long will the course take?
Depending on how much experience and education in related subject matter you have and how much time you can devote to the course, it could take a few weeks to a few months.


2) Does it expire?
No the course is self-paced and never expires.


3) Do I need any formal education or professional experience?
No you just need a passion to learn and a passion to help others.


4) Do you help me find clients? What support do you offer?
We have a profile page that lists our coaches and their bio information for prospective clients. There is also the option to be featured on our site and our Facebook page through our “Intro To A Coach” blog. Here, our large member base can get to know you and your business more personally.


5) I live in another country. Will your course pertain to other cultures?
Our course is based on over 40 years of experience, as well as research compiled by our founder, Susan Silberstein. Can is a universal disease and what is involved in healing is true for all cultures worldwide.


6) Do I have to purchase any other materials?
No, our course fee is inclusive.


7) Do I need insurance to coach?
Since you are not providing medical advice you do not need insurance. However, it is always good to have liability insurance. It is very inexpensive. 


8) Can I log back in to refer to the course in the future?
Yes you can refer to the course for up to a year and as long as you are re-certified after your first year. You can also download and print some of the material.


9) Is there continuing education?
We update the coach’s private log-on site and private Facebook page with new education included with your certification. However, adding new education modules is in the works.


10) How much is renewal? What are the benefits of renewing?
Renewal is $100 a year. This fee allows you to continue being listed on our profile page. It also allows you the benefits of membership including the log-onsite and Facebook page, affiliate privileges, access to our naturopathic doctor, and use of our logo and materials.


11) What do I have to do to renew? Do I have to buy anything?
We will send you an email and an invoice yearly. There is only a $100 fee. Nothing else to buy.


12) Do I get a discount on buying your materials?
Yes there is a 10% discount on all materials. Also you may enroll as an affiliate and get 10% on anything you offer to your patients.


13) Can I use your logo and name to advertise my services?
Yes, as long as your certification is current.


14) Am I allowed to answer medical questions?
You must stay in the scope duties as a coach. We teach you what that is and how to refer out as needed.


15) Should I charge clients for my services?
When you dedicate yourself to your client's highest healing good and you dedicate your time to education, research, knowledge, heart and passion, thus helping cancer patients/families/survivors live well and thrive through diagnosis, treatment or also deserve to be paid. Your time is precious. Your dedication to hours are all for healing. Through my experience, most people will not receive the healing they truly need without some sort of balance or exchange. As coaches, we provide proven integrative tools and information for healing cancer, which help so many. When you do everything with a pure heart, helping all the people God sends your help create the right environment for healing. Thus empowering them with hope and knowledge! A priceless gift!




Leslie Nance

Jeanette Carbajal

"Is an excellent course , I learn a lot to help others, and to teach them how we can fight together, regarding what we going to expect of the whole processes in the battle of Cancer , and learn that is the host not the tumor , the interviews , the DVD, an the explanation in a simple way by Dr.Silberstein, is was excellent . I going to teach my Hispanic community that some time they do not have the tools in Spanish to pass thru all of this Cancer process, also for them to taken better decisions in their treatment orthodox, alternative or both. Thank you Dr. Silberstein for your knowledge."~ Edgardo Rosas

"I enjoyed the course thoroughly. Susan mam was precise but profound. I feel empowered with the knowledge gained."~ Swikrati Singh

"As a holistic practitioner, I was getting clients with cancer and some that were recovered and trying to prevent any recur. Not having had cancer myself, I felt I had inadequate knowledge to answer their questions, guide and support their personal journey. By taking this course I was able to feel confident that I had the knowledge, the tools and the support that I needed to provide quality recommendations and could get answers to their questions or refer them to Dr. Silberstein for consultation. I used to think that I needed to get my patients to treat their cancer with natural methods. This course changed that perspective and helped me to see clearly that each person has their own path to follow. My job is just to support them in the ways that are taught so well in this program."~ Sandra Bullard

"I am a holistic health practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and functional nutritionist. I lost three family members to cancer during my life and have always had a passion for learning more and getting at root causes and the linkages to the mind-body wellness equation. The material presented in this certification course truly impressed me and validated much of what I learned in my studies to date. I only wish that I had known about these resources and 35 years ago. This is a very comprehensive, up-to-date program and I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a ton! Thank you for all that you do ---and may God bless you all for your continued time, dedication and commitment to this cause. Melissa L. Hart Chandler, Arizona"~ Melissa Hart

"I studied physiology in college and worked at five hospitals as well as in laboratories. I have studied in a complimentary areas such as NLP, ayurvedic and Chinese 5 element theory. Moreover, I am a Stage IV prostate cancer Thriver. I found Susan Silberstein, PhD, training comprehensive and fascinating. I have visited or talked with a number of complimentary cancer support practices throughout the Midwest and Susan Silberstein's work added to my knowledge and confidence greatly. Inspiring and empowering. With infinite love and gratitude, thank you Susan. Jeffrey F.L. Smith Physiology, B.S., Michigan State University Certified C-IQ Coach, HeartMath Coach, Lifeline Practionier."~ Jeffrey Smith

"There were so many aspects of the course that are so valuable not only for me who is currently going through my second phase of treatment for breast cancer but to a lot more individuals who I will be able to help /assist in their journey towards complete healing...mind, body and soul. As a Health Coach, I have found my niche. This is an instrument towards fulfilling my life's purpose...thank you very much."~  May Lagdameo

"As a health professional, I thought this training was invaluable, thorough and relevant. The information was comprehensive and the resources presented were wonderful! I am excited to utilize this training as part of a new private practice I will be creating as a Holistic Cancer Coach.Thank you, Susan, for the terrific videos and study materials. I am looking forward to this new endeavor and will be in touch with you to discuss cases in the near future. "~ Kim Selbert

"I am so honored to have found this certification. I can't begin to describe in words how this program resonates with me. The theories and what is presented here resonate deeply with my core beliefs. I'm deeply grateful to have additional guidance in becoming a coach to some of these struggling patients. I've believed for a long time that cancer is a 'whole body' disease and therefore healing can only happen [when] the 'whole body becomes whole.' I believe this so deeply that I can't detour from it, [although] the medical community at large does not embrace this. I will be humbled and honored to be a beacon in the darkness to some of these folks. My personal experience with four family members left me angry and floundering for answers. I've also known for a long time that helping, assisting and doing something with cancer patients is my 'calling.' I just didn't know where to start. Now I do. Thank you very much."~ Zandi Audiss, RN

“After years of working as pain management/surgical nurse…I found my passion as a holistic nurse…. Looking to further help others, especially cancer patients and caregivers, I found your Holistic Cancer Coach Certification Program. The pure knowledge and expertise you provide, while supporting the mind, body, spirit and emotions, has been so inspiring to me. I have found my alleluia in this course, as it completes my studies and will help so many. You are an exceptionally devoted instructor with a truly unique understanding in how to care for, support, educate and help cancer patients, covering it all — from offering resources to preventing recurrence. Thank you for sharing your passion and educating me. A truly invaluable learning experience!” ~ Missie Mellen, RN, BSN

“I can´t tell you how glad I am for receiving the Certificate and to find my name listed on your website. It means a lot to me and I believe you must be proud and feel blessed to see your work, thought and inspiration spreading around the globe.” ~ Reinaldo Lima, Psycho-Oncology Specialist, Sao Paulo, Brasil

“I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying taking your “Holistic Cancer Coach Certification Program.” It is fantastic and I am learning so much!” ~ Patricia Cristina Cassidy, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“”Thank you for a well laid out and extremely informative course….” ~ Julie Eastes, Certified Holistic Health Coach

“Thanks for the breath of your perspective!! I love your work and your approach!!” ~ Lona Smith, BCND, CFMW

I am getting so much from this course. I am a Health Coach and have been supporting my husband for the last 8 months through his journey with brain cancer. My passion to learn more is on a deep level. I have had him take an integrative approach to managing this and think it is making a difference. So with every lecture, I am cheering you on in front of my computer.~ Susan Kaden 

I enjoy your thoughtfulness, word choice to pack the most in the short time, and PowerPoint to make the points clear, interesting and engaging. Thank you.” ~ Yisroel Yaffa, MD  Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Silberstein truly understands the needs of cancer patients and delivers a high standard for health professionals. The videos, downloadable materials, and intellectual information in this course are invaluable to anyone who would like to communicate more effectively with cancer patients .” ~ Ellen McGlynn

“I want to tell you how much I am learning and how much I appreciate your wisdom and teaching style. I’m looking forward to being part of the holistic community and to helping those who desire change.” ~ Jamia Burton, CHC

“Dr. Silberstein, I am extremely impressed with your entire course presentation and truly appreciate that you have shared your expertise and knowledge through this venue. For anyone considering taking this course: The phenomenal dedication Dr. Susan Silberstein has shown in her support of and helping cancer patients with holistic and healthier alternatives has inspired me tremendously. She is an excellent instructor who makes it all easy to understand and very enjoyable. Take the course. You’ll be delighted and inspired by Dr. Silberstein.” Tana Stewart

“Great training…. This training is giving me the tools to augment my skills and pull together my knowledge and expertise in a cohesive way that will allow me to support and guide others in their own healing journey.” Kay Madore

“This course exceeded my expectations. It is a multi-dimensional course that covers all aspects and methods we can use to assist and educate the cancer patient. I enjoyed the nutritional insights and especially found the psychoneuroimmunology content to be very interesting and valuable. Susan is an excellent teacher who is passionate about her cause, and it shows. I am a better counselor because of this class and I am so glad I was able to experience it.” Beth Marlow

“I am a recent graduate of the Holistic Cancer Educator program and have only great things to say about the whole course. Very thorough and well thought out program. It hits on all aspects of mind, body, and spirit healing. Packed with informative studies and presentations, it gives one an excellent understanding of how to treat cancer with natural and holistic alternatives. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in this field.” Paul Di Camillo

“I found this course exceptional, rich with valuable resources, extremely well organized and powerfully delivered.” Janet Price, DCH

"My gratitude for the depth and detail of your excellent course.... The training is superb, and a solid support for anyone who wants to make an authentic impact." Terry Stingley, Ayurvedic practitioner

"This information is amazing and presented in a way that makes it easy to teach it back out! I am thrilled beyond belief to have found this course! I know it will help me help millions of people live a life that cancer hates and their bodies love!" Leslie Nance

"I am so happy I have found this course; you figured it out the right way, formulated it the perfect way…!" ~  ~Sabrina Braun

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