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Cancer - Friend, Foe, Messenger (7-Week Online Course)

Cancer - Friend, Foe, Messenger (7-Week Online Course)
Jackie Roberge

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Do you want clarity around the message or root cause of your cancer?

That is one of the key things you will get by taking this course – clarity. Clarity as to why you got cancer at this point in your life and what you can do to help you heal.

Do you want to feel confident that you are doing everything you can to heal?

The second important aspect of this course is that it will help you take a proactive role in your healing.Taking responsibility for and actively participating in your own health is key to deep and lasting healing. You will be equipped with the knowledge and the tools you need to feel like you are doing everything in your power to help strengthen your immune system so you can get heal and learn what you are meant to learn from this experience.


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