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MR: ​Impact
I first called you after relapsing from a bone marrow transplant for lymphoma…I asked if you could refer me to someone. You did. Since then I have learned a lot about food and nutrition, and…its impact on our health… My prior doctor told me that if I was extremely lucky I might go another 16 months. Well it is now 20 months and I feel great. I am leaving tomorrow to take my second snow skiing trip this season.
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Cancer Prevention

I would like information on how to prevent cancer.

"Prevention is the cure."

“One primary focus of BeatCancer.Org’s work is geared towards cancer prevention education through lifestyle training.” Our children have a one in two lifetime risk of cancer, and the scientific data tell us that healthy diet and lifestyle choices can make all the difference! These lifestyle factors include diet, exercise, stress management, environmental exposures and detoxification. Our thrust is primary prevention, not just early detection.

Cancer Counseling

I am battling cancer and would like information on counseling.

"Empowerment through Education for Cancer Success."

The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (BeatCancer.Org) is a well established and innovative 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to preventing cancer, reducing suffering from cancer and treatment side effects, and preventing disease recurrence. BeatCancer.Org serves adults with cancer and children via legal guardian or care giver, through education, coaching, counseling, resources, referrals and support, with a particular focus on those who have become emotionally or physically disenfranchised as a result of their treatment. The organization’s Patient Services Program, implemented by a well-trained and knowledgeable staff, offers to the individuals we serve many opportunities to attain high quality of life and sustained wellness through personalized guidance.

Cancer Certification

I am a health care professional and would like information on your certification program.

"Optimizing Patient Outcomes with Integrative Approaches."

Expand your client base and enhance the quality of your service by earning your holistic cancer certification online through Learn the shortcomings of traditional cancer support services, key elements to make your cancer support program stand out, how to do a holistic intake and make a holistic needs assessment, foods to include and foods to avoid and why, psychological factors in cancer control, how to help patients benefit from their disease experience, and much more.

Youth Nutrition

Creating a healthy future through education.

Our Youth Nutrition & Cancer Prevention Education Project is designed to help create an early appreciation for the powerful role of diet in cancer protection and obesity control. This project, targeting students and young families in the Philadelphia area and beyond, is offered in collaboration with local schools, colleges, churches, and community organizations representing diverse ethnic and social groups.

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BeatCancer Events

July  2015
Events on July 7, 2015
  • Fight Cancer with Your Fork! - Richfield, PA

    7:00 pm

    9:00 pm

    Richfield Mennonite Church, 167 Church Street,, State Route 2016, Richfield, PA 17812, United States

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Events on July 8, 2015
  • Fight Cancer with Your Fork! - New Martinsville, WV

    7:00 pm

    9:00 pm

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites, New Martinsville, WV, United States

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Events on July 22, 2015
  • Fight Cancer with Your Fork - New York, NY

    7:00 pm

    9:00 pm


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